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Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015: Stevie Kopas

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The Summer of Zombie chugs along. Today we spotlight the ever creative Stevie Kopas. She chose the interview with a zombie but she took it upon herself to create an even more exciting and engaging interview than The BLOGshit provided. We applaud her rebel spirit and the gem that was produced as a result of her refusal to play by the rules. 

We'll let her creative spirit speak for itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, Stevie Kopas and her interview with a hunky zombie (can that be a thing?)

An intimate interview between villainess extraordinaire, Michelle, and a hot zombie locked away in the east tower found in The Breadwinner Trilogy, by Stevie Kopas.


Well, isn’t this just a fancy way to pass the time? As you all know, I probably don’t need an introduction, but I’m so full of myself that I’ll make one up anyway. I’m Michelle, and I like to spend my days boozing it up alone in Central and drawing pictures of dead people while I plot the demise of my fellow survivors.

I have quite the captive audience, as every girl should. And today I have a special guest! Behind me are the rock-solid doors of the forbidden east building and you’ll see there’s one particular Eater locked up back there that really does it for me. He’s got great hair, dresses to impress (though I’m pretty sure he probably died in that get-up), and once upon a time had tons of money, because let’s face it, you don’t stay at a resort like this unless you’re loaded.

Please give it up for, Hot Zombie!

Hot Zombie hits his head against the glass door and groans, a putrid yellow liquid dribbling out of the corner of his mouth.

Michelle: Welcome, welcome! Now, I feel like Hot Zombie is just a tiny bit sexist on my part. What shall I call you?

Hot Zombie: Ron.

Michelle: Okay… I kind of like Hot Zombie, so maybe we go with HZ?

HZ: If that works for you, I’m okay with it.

Michelle: Awesome. So tell me, HZ, how did you become a zombie?

HZ: Well, I was here on business and when people started getting sick they cancelled all the flights, so I was sort of stuck here with the rest of these suckers. That British asshole ya’ll are shackin’ up with in the west building, well, he let someone in that had been bitten. Nobody knew it until it was too late. I was one of the first to go, as you can see by this lovely, gaping neck wound. The fuckers were on me in no time, nearly tore my head off. I don’t remember the change, just how damn hungry I was when I woke up. Really hungry. So hungry that I was stupid enough to get locked up in here.

Michelle: Tragic, really. Do you think you’d rather be alive again?

HZ: Wow, you’re honestly not as smart as you look. Would I rather be alive again? I’m insulted, I should just end this interview right now.

Michelle: No, no I’m sorry. Okay, how about we talk about something you like? Brains? You like brains, right?

HZ: They’re okay.

Michelle: So what do they actually taste like?

HZ: Eh, I guess they remind a little bit of tofu. Which I never liked to begin with. Stuff used to gross me out. Now, intestines, that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout! Nothing like ripping open a screaming human and pulling out—

Michelle: Okay, can we say gross?

HZ: I’m starting to get hungry again…

Michelle: No, really, ew. How about we talk about something I like? Does everything stiffen up from rigor mortis?

HZ: Considering my dick fell off about four weeks ago, I don’t see where you’re going with this.

Michelle: Alright, well, this interview took an awkward turn... Let’s get to my final question, if you could eat anyone in the world, right now, who would it be?

HZ: Definitely my ex-wife. I’d make sure to bring along my friends here to help finish the job. I would not want to risk her turning and ruining my undead life too.

Michelle: Phew, for a second there I was thinking you might have said me.

HZ: Nah, I have a feeling somebody else will have the pleasure of doing that. I’d hate to be “that guy”,
I’m more courteous than that.

Michelle: Watch it, HZ.

HZ: Sorry, sorry. I’ll go back to moaning and groaning now, maybe break a few more teeth because I’m too stupid to realize I can’t bite through glass…

And there you have it folks, my exclusive one on one with Hot Zombie! Though I did find him much more charming before this interview. Ha. Zombies, eating me? What a farce. I’d say tune in next week but I won’t be here, there’s far too much left of this crumbling shithole called Haven for me to taint with my… awesomeness. I can’t stay cooped up in this resort forever.

ZombieAuthor Stevie Kopas

Michelle is found in books two and three of The Breadwinner Trilogy by Stevie Kopas. All three books are available now in eBook and print, with Book one also available on audio.

About the author: Stevie Kopas was born and raised in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. She currently resides in sunny Florida and will never turn down a cup of coffee, or, depending on the time of day, a glass of red wine. She is the author of The Breadwinner Trilogy and other short stories that can be found in the charity horror anthology, At Hell’s Gates. Stevie is currently working on her next novel, Earth to Millie, and is also the managing editor of the awesome horror and metal site, She is an avid gamer, obsessed with time travel, and lover of all things apocalypse. She hopes to come back in her next life as a CL4P-TP, or, Claptrap for short.

Stalk Stevie on Twitter, her username is @ApacoTaco
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