Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015: Jamie Johnesee

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We've got a seasoned veteran of the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour today. Author, Jamie Johnesee returns to the BLOGshit and she's brought her infamous zombie, Bob, along with her. Bob The Zombie has been a standout title among a sea of zombie fiction. Jamie utilized zombies in a funny and unique way. That's why a zombie with a simple name can stand out in the crowd. Bob is a zombie of a different color.

So let's have Jamie Johnesee sit Bob down for a breif interview and hope he doesn't get hungry during the proceedings. Ya know, because he's a zombie and eats brains and all that happy horse crap. Ladies and Gents.... Bob the Zombie

Bob the zombie here. Thanks for having me on your blog today. I was told that you had some questions for me? Hey, that hand/ashtray isn’t real, right?

Q: How’d you become a zombie? 

A: Oh, okay, I guess I should just jump right on into it. Um, I became a zombie because my mom had a hard time dealing with my death and hired a necromancer to bring me back to life.

Q: Would you rather be alive again?

A: No, though I would like to be dead again. I was in heaven when I was ripped back to my body and, as a zombie, I am now immortal which sadly means no more heaven. To quote Wayne’s World; “No Stairway, denied!”

Q: What do the brains taste like anyway?

A: Brains are sort of creamy with a delightfully squishy texture. I prefer mine braised in a burre blanc, but I know a few who like a good white wine sauce. If you want any recipes I have dozens of good ones. Mac and headcheese is one of my personal favorites, by the way.

Q: Does everything stiffen up from the Rigor Mortis?

A: Unfortunately I can’t answer this as I’d already been through Rigor and out the other side for days when I was raised. Interesting question, though. 

Q: If you could eat anyone, who would it be?

A: I’d want to eat Mayim Bialik, she would have one tasty brain packed full of knowledgey goodness.

Bob: Thanks for letting me drop by to answer these. Hey, is that a zombie mounted on your wall? Holy crap, I uh, I gotta run. Thanks again!

Zombie Author Jamie Johnesee (Please Don't Adjust Your Monitors)

There he is folks. Bob the Zombie. Give him a hand! No, really, give him a hand, his just fell off! Yuck, Yuck Yuck! When you get done being doubled over in laughter, visit Jamie Johnesee and buy all the Bob books, you wont be sorry.


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