Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Night Special

You're reading Books, Beer and Blogshit! It's the only blog that rocks out with it's cock out! I am your lifeless blogger, Mr. Frank!

This time out on the Blogshit we want to appeal to those with no social life on Friday nights. You know who you are, responsibility (most likely family responsibility) has got in the way. No more impromptu excursions out to the local bar scene at 11pm at night. Long gone are the days your can pick up and hit the strip clubs with you buds at the drop of a dime. It's a chore for you to plan a ladies night out at the local male review with your girls.

Books, Beer and Blogshit is here to offer you up an alternative to your 'How Did It Become This Mundane?' Friday nights! Anyone who is a dedicated listener to the Books, Beer and Bullshit podcast are all too familiar with the proverbial Mayor, Armand Rosamilia. Constant Listeners of the more recent podcasts also know mystery/thriller writer Tim Baker (Episode 20). You may also recall those two are part of a broader threesome of writers that include writer Becky Pourchot.

In addition to working together at various local appearancse in the Palm Coast, Florida area, the threesome have recently teamed up to created a talk radio show on their local Flagler Beach radio station, Surf 17. Collectively the three are known as The Castaways. They can be heard Friday nights from 8pm until 10pm having fun discussions ranging from their writing experiences to more broader pop culture topics and all stops in between. They pepper their discussions with themed music picks like memorable songs from their high school years.

The result is a talk radio show that is both harmonious and eclectic at the same time. The three writers come from different times and experiences. The music they plays is a different as their personalities and genres in which they write. Tim Baker talks detective thrillers and classic rock. Becky Pourchot is all about the YA Paranormal Romance while playing 80's and 90's pop rock  and everything from the Greece Soundtrack. Armand Rosamilia brings the edge with horror and zombie fare mixed with a wide array of hard rock and heavy metal sensibilities.

For two hours every Friday night, The Castaways regale us with thoughtful discussions of the writing process and personal stories from their past that inspire their musical choices. In short, it is a great radio program for anyone stuck in on a Friday night. The Castaways  are the centerpiece to what would have been a boring Friday night at home had you not had Books, Beer and Blogshit to lead you to where the excitement is happening in the internet world.

That is not all there is to offer however. Oh no. Books, Beer and Blogshit is going to show you that down in Flagler Beach there is five hours of awesome being broadcast to the entire internet. Originally The Castaways aired for three hours from 7pm until 10pm. That was until Tim Baker's B-Sides and Deep Tracks took over the first hour time slot of The Castaways recently.

Tim Baker's B-Sides and Deep Tracks is a one hour music program that airs on Flager Beach Radio Friday nights from 7pm until 8pm. It serves as the pre-show to The Castaways. If you come from the Classic Rock era this show is right up your alley. If you come from somewhere outside that era, there is still a lot here for you to love! The meat and potatoes of the show is presenting B-Side tracks and less heard fare from artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Tim Baker has great knowledge of these songs and you will be surprised at both the amount of very popular songs there were actually B-sides and how good a deep track can be. Give it a try, it's the perfect show to set the mood for an otherwise mellow Friday night.

After The Castaways, the nasty comes out to play. Mando's Manic Melodies started right after The Castaways, Friday night at 10 pm and assaults your ears until midnight.Though the title of the show maybe a bit uninspired, don't let it fool you. Mando's Manic Melodies, hosted by Books, Beer and Bullshit's own Armand Rosamilia is a two hour tour de force of head banging classics your loved and never knew you loved until you've heard them for the first time again in twenty years. A relentless barrage of Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Judas Priest, Sex Pistols, Dream Theater and Iron Maiden just to name a few, blast out your ear drums just the way they used to when Rikki Rachtman hosted the headbangers ball and you forced your eyes open for all three hours to get your metal fix.

The three shows work together to form the perfect storm for an otherwise ho-hum Friday evening you thought you would be subject to. So, if you have nothing going down this Friday night for one reason or another we STRONGLY encourage you to tune in to Flagler Beach Radio starting at 7pm and hang in for the whole five hour affair at least once. streams all their radio show live on their web site and you can also download the TuneIn app for your mobile device to listen live.

There shows are currently listen or die format. If you miss it, you miss out. The gang assure me podcast versions of the show are forthcoming. At the moment though, if you miss a moment you miss everything. Let that serve as a bit of extra incentive to listen in so you don't miss a moment.

Give The Castaways a try one Friday night. You won't be disappointed. If' you enjoyed Armand or Tim on Books, Beer and Bullshit podcast you will get more of their great spirit on their own radio show and get introduced to another spirited writer in Becky Pourchot. Tune in and turn it up!