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Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015: Jolie Du Pre

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Mondays seem like the perfect day for reflection. A day for poignancy. Monday seems like the perfect day to unleash zombie author, Jolie Du Pre on your asses!

She's written a strongly worded essay defending the current cluttony of books in zombie fiction. It's well thought out and very insightful. This is a rally cry for the zombie genre.

So please enjoy Ms. Du Pre's essay entitled, "The Current Zombie Phenomenon Is Just Fine, Thank You."

Before I published the first book in my zombie series, I saw that various authors (most not involved in the zombie genre) declaring the zombie market is over-saturated. Had I absorbed what these people said and, therefore, let it stop me, I would never have written my three zombie books.

I'm glad I didn't listen to them. At my age, I trust my instincts first. My instincts told me that the zombie genre was far from dead. (Well, it's dead but not that kind of dead.)

We who love zombie movies, and zombie books, and zombie video games, and zombieTV shows like "The Walking Dead," and zombie t-shirts, and zombie jewelry, and zombie garden gnomes, and zombie fill-in-the-blank, don't need a "new movement."

We're just fine with the way things are.

That's why the current zombie phenomenon in popular culture is still thriving. Real zombie fans, not fair-weather zombie fans, support it. We like what we see, and we want
to see more of it.

Sure there are some episodes of "The Walking Dead" that could benefit from a do-over,
but that's okay. And sure there are some zombie books with zero creativity, but that's okay too. We love it all, and we accept the good with the bad.

What I’m about to say may offend some people, but, oh well . . .

I find that there are two types of people who complain about the current zombie phenomenon.

1. I Hate Zombies
These are the people who can't stand zombies, who cover their eyes at the sight of blood and gore, who have never seen an episode of "The Walking Dead," and who have never read a zombie book. Yet, these people feel like they're authorities on the zombie movement. They scream that they're tired of zombies even though they couldn't care less about zombies and never have.

2. My Zombie Story Is Better Than Your Zombie Story or The Zombie Snob
These are people who believe their zombie stories are legitimate because they're "original," even though readers reject these "masterpieces" in favor of the tried and true.
These are the people who are pissed off that their zombie books aren't selling and are jealous that the "non-original" (according to them) zombie books are selling. They are the ones who complain about "The Walking Dead," in favor of zombie shows that don't have half the audience attention. Because, of course, those zombie TV shows are "original." They don't want to accept that many readers aren't interested in the "original," and the literary, and the intellectual. They want the typical blood and guts zombie story.

My Benton zombie books have been accused of being just another "Walking Dead" type scenario - people traveling around trying to survive the zombies. But you know what?

Readers like that, and in my writing life, the reader is my ultimate judge. I'm no best-seller, but there has not been ONE day that my zombie books have not sold at least one copy a day since I published the first one back in May 2014. (That's good given that many self-published authors barely sell any books.)

My zombie books were my first self-published books after my many years of being with traditional publishers, and I'm pleased with the result.

Jolie is a full-time author, article writer, blogger, and monster lover. Her zombie books include:
(Dystopian/New Adult/Romance)
Benton: A Zombie Novel, Volume One

Benton: A Zombie Novel, Volume Two

Benton: A Zombie Novel, Volume Three

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