Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015: Justin Coke

You're reading Books Beer and BLOGshit! It's the only blog that likes to drink out back behind the high school with all the cool kids. I am your delinquent host, Mr. Frank!

Justin Coke up to bat at the BLOGshit today. There is a joke in his name somewhere I assure you but we are just going to leave that one alone. I'm sure he's heard it all before.

Justin fed us his zombie to interview. The zombie is kinda funny. Almost as funny as a bad Justin Coke name joke. Almost.

Keep all your appendages behind the bars please and no feeding the zombies during the entirety of the interview. And here we go!

A Justin Coke. Get it? Get it!

How’d you become a zombie?

Chad put a severed head in my sleeping bag as a prank. Got a hunk of my calf. I was pretty pissed so I lied about getting bit. Then I ate him the next night. GG, Chad.

Would you rather be alive again?

Well, it had its perks. But I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay my cell phone bill, or getting bowel cancer, or global warming or any of that shit. Dealing with the opposite sex has never been easier. It’s like being on vacation in Eureka Springs all the time. Could it be better? Yeah. But it could be a lot worse. So I guess it depends on what kind of life you mean.

What do brains taste like anyway?

Imagine boiled cauliflower. Now imagine it tastes like spicy tuna. That’s some good brains.

If you could eat anyone, who could it be?
Bea Arthur.

Does everything stiffen up with rigor mortis?

Nah. All my blood is in my feet. But if you want to, I'll take off my pants and we can see what happens.

Zombie Author, Diet Justin Coke

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