Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015: J.E. Gurley

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Today we feature the final option for the years blog posts that we've yet to unleash upon you. Author J.E. Gurley brings us the inaugural presentation of the zombie drinking game! He was supposed to base the drinking game around one of his zombie fiction series or just off the characteristics of his zombies. Instead he went right for the throat and hopes you will drink while taking out zombies in real life. So, uhhh, you may have to wait awhile before you can play along at home for this one.


Here is a drinking game I call Shot for Shot.

Rules: Shot for Shot

1. Two or more players each choose a zombie at a specified distance. On signal, they each fire.
Shooter whose dead zombie hits the ground first chooses liquor used for Shot for Shot game. Note: Zombie must be dead. A mere knockdown doesn't count.

2. In turn, players choose a target and fire. Ten second rule applies for targeting. Score is as follows:
Kill with a clean head shot - 3 points
Kill with an upper torso shot - 2 points

Head shot, no kill - 1 point
Body shot, no kill - 0 points
For a fast moving target, add 2 points to score.

3. 5 points earns shooter a shot of liquor.

4. When group total reaches 20 points, rules reverse. Next 5 points eliminates shooter from a drinking round, but all others must drink shots of liquor. Group total of 40 points reverses again.

5. First player to reach 60 points or highest score when liquor runs out wins.

6. Passing out is an immediate disqualification. Accidentally shooting another player or yourself is an immediate disqualification. In the vent of zombie attack and shooters must relocate, game is put on pause until a new location is secured.

Aim high - Shoot straight. Drink up.

Zombie Author J.E. Gurley

How'd you do? Are you still sober enough to read this? Perhaps you need to read on in the series and drinking something stronger than a Strawberry-Rita. Before you get totally inebriated, check out these links for J.E. Gurley

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