Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter of Zombie: Eric Shelman

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This, the third stop of the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2014, we have zombie heartthrob writer, Eric A. Shelman. His name often makes us wonder if Eric A. is really Erica, a female zombie writer writing under a nom de plume in a male dominated sub-genre. But we digress, we're sure Eric is all man one way or another.

Eric is also one of the most frustrated interviews we've ever conducted. Usually writers handle our antics with grace and poise. Eric Shelman calls out our whack questions without a trace of guilt. Bravo Mr. Shelman, you're right. We're nutz!

Please welcome Mr. Eric A. Shelman on his inaugural appearance on Books, Beer and Blogshit!

The Blogshit:  Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour stop at Books, Beer and Blogshit. Do you have new tales to tell in the dead of winter 2014?Eric Shelman:  I’ll be writing and releasing Dead Hunger VIII: Peace, Love & Zombies in the Winter of 2014. If I begin writing it in October, it should be done by February at the latest, so that still qualifies – ON MY FREAKING CALENDAR! I saw it’s actually the Winter of 2014 / 2015, so don’t get all calendary on me. Yeah, that’s a words. Cal-En-Dar-Y. How do I know? I just added it to my MS Word speller, that’s how. I suggest you do the same before it catches on like wildfire like “efforting” did among the morons. Another option is for me to write the first of a new series I’ll be writing that is going to be so unique that when you read the very first line, your head is likely to topple off of your shoulders. Be afraid. And happy. Be “Afrappy”. Add that, too. Next?

The Blogshit:  Have your zombies had to face a freezing cold winter yet? If so, how do your particular breed of zombies react to cold, harsh winters?Eric Shelman:  What the hell? Are you testing me as an author? I’ve done my damnest to avoid weather situations, but yes, I believe that in Dead Hunger IV: Evolution, the zombies have to deal with Winter in Concord, New Hampshire. Do I have anything else to say on that? Not really. They seemed to do alright. Fuckers could be powderized inside by now (add that to your dictionary, too) because I’m not sure what keeps them moist. (Good word!) So anyway, my zombies move on an individual cellular level. Each cell in their bodies wants meat and protein, and mobilize the limbs to achieve that. Only a little, charcoal-sized lump of brain is necessary to incentivize them to come after your ass.

The Blogshit:  Does or will, Winter figure into your zombie world or do you figure what you will tackle will be unaffected biologically or geographically?Eric Shelman:  Jeez, didn’t I just answer that extensively above? I imagine that even during a zpocalypse, the global warming, climate change, four seasons, Frankie Valli, Mother Nature, God, or some other bastard is going to throw some cold weather at us. Guess I’ll just have to pay attention a bit more when that happens. I’d kinda like to believe they just might slow down a bit more.

The Blogshit:  Do you yourself live in a part of the world that is affected by the cold of winter?

Eric Shelman:  Dude. (Who are you, anyway? Who IS asking these question??) Anyway, I live in south Florida, so no. Maybe two days per year, but that’s it. Maybe I should avoid the entire problem by just setting all of my books in Key West! That way I can research, research, research! Get on a fishing boat and do it from the water while fighting a Dorado.

The Blogshit:   In the summertime we talk about zombie sandwiches. We think in the winter it’s time to talk about zombie ice cream. What crazy zombie inspired ice cream flavor can you come up with?Eric Shelman:  Salty Nut with Skin Flake Sprinkles. I wouldn’t eat that crap, but in a world where zombies rule the streets, we might just have to get used to it. Ice cream is ice cream!

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  1. Omg! Why so many questions about Winter!??!? What did I miss??

  2. By the way, great answers. I like the cockiness/confidence of this author!

  3. Great psychotic interview. Does someone have issues with cold weather? HMMMM???

  4. Dudes, this guy is my literary hero. I've read all his books to date and he writes so conversationally, that there comes a time while you're reading his books, that one can almost forget you're reading fiction. He has one of the most unique writing styles and combined with his blunt honesty and Twisted mind... this guys ideas are so one off, you just haven't read the best zompoc series until you've read his. Go. Get it. Read it. Love it. Know it. :)