Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter of Zombie 2014: Mark Tufo

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We are unloading the big guns on the Blogshit for this stop on the Winter of Zombie 2014 Blog Tour. Mark Tufo, author of the breakout Zombie Fallout series, joins us on The Blogshit fresh off his triumphant appearance on Book s, Beer and Bullshit Podcast (Episode 31 featuring Mark Tufo). 

It's a little known fact that Mark "Marky Mark" Tufo was the original Marky Mark. He came up with the signature tighty whitey look and the baseball cap and he even wrote that "Good Vibrations" song. He was poised to become a superstar until he stumbled on this poor fellow Bostonian kid, Mark Wahlberg was was crying in the gutter. He told Marky Mark Tufo that he was depressed because his brother had become a famous performer in a boy band. Marky Mark Tufo felt awful for the kid so he handed over his white underpants, slapped the baseball cap on his head and gave him the lyrics to a song called "Good Vibrations". He told the kid to work out a lot and got hot six packs or as he called them "The Tufo Washboard"

Marky Mark Tufo did this because he knew in his heart that no matter what he did he would rise to the top. So he gave up his career as a world wide pop phenomenon so he didn't have to watch a little boy cry. He started his career as a writer soon after and well.... the rest is history.

Or maybe we were too drunk and got that story all wrong. Either way it's time to talk to Marky Mark Tufo once again!

The Blogshit:   Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour stop at Books, Beer and Blogshit. Do you have new tales to tell in the dead of winter 2014?

Mark Tufo:  Thank you for the invite, hey I heard there was going to be sandwiches. Well for this Winter I have Zombie Fallout 8, which technically came out this fall. Lycan Fallout 2 will be out the Winter and I’m currently working on Indian Hill 5 and most likely Tim 3 after that, if I can get over my coulrophobia!

The Blogshit:  Have your zombies had to face a freezing cold winter yet? If so, how do your particular breed of zombies react to cold, harsh winters?
Mark Tufo:  My zombies are generally pretty hardy because technically they have not died and been reanimated so much as they have been taken over by a virus and now crave human flesh. Elements don’t seem to bother them nearly as much as the people they hunt.

The Blogshit:  Does or will, Winter figure into your zombie world or do you figure what you will tackle will be unaffected biologically or geographically?
Mark Tufo:  I already answered this question. Is this one of those government tests where they ask you the same question repeatedly looking for discrepancies? I've heard about these things, I have to sweep my office for listening devices.

The Blogshit:  Do you yourself live in a part of the world that is affected by the cold of winter?
Mark Tufo:  Luckily I live in Maine so we’re relatively unaffected by Winter. :)

The Blogshit:  In the summertime we talk about zombie sandwiches. We think in the winter it’s time to talk about zombie ice cream. What crazy zombie inspired ice cream flavor can you come up with?
Mark Tufo:  I think when we talk about a zombie inspired frozen treat we need to start with a gelato base, just because that sounds so much squishier. So I guess I’ll go with Blood Fruit Gelato with raisins. Fuck that sounds horrible. Thanks again for having me.

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