Friday, November 28, 2014

Winter of Zombie 2014: Armand Rosamilia

You're reading Books, Beer and BLOGshit! It's the only blog that's opened on Black Friday! We are your blog hosts, Mr. Frank and Mr. Jeff!

This, the final stop of the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour, features the ring leader of this chilly carnival, Mr. Armand Rosamilia. Armand is no stranger to either this blog nor it's mother podcast counterpart, Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast where he holds the honorarium of "Mayor".

So, as part of the multi-billion dollar marketing contract he signed with us, we are obligated to feature him here on the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour. It's a dirty horse, but someone has to ride it. Oh, and we are always tickled pink to promote Mayor Rosamilia whenever possible becuase he is, in point of fact, a damn fine writer.

The Blogshit:  Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour stop at Books, Beer and Blogshit. Do you have new tales to tell in the dead of winter 2014?

Armand Rosamilia:  Why, yes… yes, I do. I met this guy and his wife with overlarge boobs in Orlando one Saturday and we went to the Ale House for six hours and… oh, not that tale? How about the one where I self-promote spammy-like and tell you about the latest release, Dying Days: Origins 2? It is a prequel tale about David Monsour, a character from Dying Days 2. Now, about her boobs…

The Blogshit:  Have your zombies had to face a freezing cold winter yet? If so, how do your particular breed of zombies react to cold, harsh winters?

Armand Rosamilia:  I have had a couple of stories set in the snow… Undead of Winter, Dying Days: Origins and a couple of others… they don’t really get hindered too much other than to fall down a lot and slide on the ice. A zombiesicle would be tasty, though.

The Blogshit:  Does or will, Winter figure into your zombie world or do you figure what you will tackle will be unaffected biologically or geographically?

Armand Rosamilia:  I’m sure as I write more and more and more and more Dying Days stories you’ll see winter rear its ugly head… sonofabitchbastardwinter…

The Blogshit:  Do you yourself live in a part of the world that is affected by the cold of winter?

Armand Rosamilia:  Not anymore, sucker! I moved out of New jersey to get away from the snow, the New Yawka’s and Donald Trump’s hair. But I miss the food.

The Blogshit:  In the summertime we talk about zombie sandwiches. We think in the winter it’s time to talk about zombie ice cream. What crazy zombie inspired ice cream flavor can you come up with?

Armand Rosamilia:  The grossest ice cream flavor of all tastes like zombie tears… vanilla.

That's it folks! Another great blog tour. Another fun set of interview with many interesting indie authors. And of course, gross food recipes. We hope you all enjoyed this round and we look forward to presenting another great batch of zombie fiction writers on the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2015. Until then, check out all things Armand Rosamilia, the organizer of the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour.

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