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Winter of Zombie 2015: Peter Meredith

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Speaking of cults, author Peter Meredith of Peter Meredith Cults, Inc. joins us on The BLOGshit today. When he's not busy taking all of your life savings or making you believe he is the next incarnation of the Super Beast, he's laying down a sweet string of words associated with zombies.

Just kidding. I have no idea if he really writes about zombies or not. What I do know is that he participted in the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour on Books, Beer and BLOGshit today. That has to be true!

The Blogshit: Let’s cut to the chase, what are you promoting for the Winter of Zombie?

Peter Meredith:  The Apocalypse Crusades Series! It’s a slow motion descent into the hell that is a zombie apocalypse. Each book in the series spans a single day so that the readers can follow the heroes as they must battle the undead  and at same time as they run up against the police, self-serving politicians and the National Guard in an effort to get out of a slowly but surely expanding quarantine zone.

The Blogshit: It’s rarely ever talked about, but how do you envision the outcome of the zombie world you have created? Is there hope? Will humanity succumb to the new world order? What is the outcome of all this horrible zombie business?

Peter Meredith:  There is hope and it lies in the title The Apocalypse Crusade. The only hope for any zombie apocalypse is in the people. The moment they stop cowering, the moment they stop waiting for a corrupt and inefficient government to protect them, that id the moment they have a fighting chance.

The Blogshit: As a writer of zombie fiction, do you feel you can sustain your career writing about zombies only or do you feel you will need to write outside the sub-genre to continue? What avenues will you branch out to if you do feel a need to expand?

Peter Meredith:  I am currently writing my twentieth book and only nine are zompocs. I also write fantasy, general horror and action adventure stories.

The Blogshit: What is more important to the story: A sympathetic human survivor or a zombie with an interesting storyline?

Peter Meredith:  Whenever someone asks me what my stories are about I say People. People in fear, people in danger, people in love. A zombie with an interesting storyline is nothing but a person with an affliction, but an interesting one.

The Blogshit: For you, who are the most important writers in zombie fiction at this moment?

Peter Meredith:  Tufo, O’Brien, Howey, Smith...there are too many to name. Any author who, through his talent, can keep the public interested in zombies is a tremendous boon to my writing. The second we as authors stop producing high quality work that will be when the genre dies.

The Blogshit: Is there room for sex in the zombie apocalypse?

Peter Meredith:  Since there is choice lesbian scene in my first zompoc: The Apocalypse, I’m going to say yes. Of course it has to be tastefully done and not just thrown in there. Sex is an important part of the human element. Leaving it out completely diminishes the characters.

This is tasteful, right?

The Blogshit: How much consideration do you give to the seasons in your zombie stories?

Peter Meredith:  In our first world life, the weather is rarely more than a pleasing addition to the day or an irritant that occurs between the hundred feet that separates our cars and the office. In my stories the weather is another factor that isn’t just remarked upon by people passing on the street, it has to be overcome or it will kill as certainly as any flesh eater.

The Blogshit: Our final question always revolves around zombie themed food. This Winter of Zombie, Books, Beer and BLOGshit wants you to consider setting up a food truck to cater to a zombie clientele. What would you name your Zombie Food Truck?

Peter Meredith:  Pete’s Fresh and Screamin’ Meat Pies

Obey The Sexy

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