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Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014: Jamie Johnesee

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The Summer of Zombie Blog Tour double header ends today with the one and only Jamie Johnesee. Jamie is the author of the light-hearted zombie series, Bob The Zombie. If you've ever felt the need to be endeared by your zombies, be sure to pick up Johnesee's Bob The Zombie books. They are sure to please!

This blogger has also appeared with Jamie Johnesee (and others) in Armand Rosamilia's Dying Days anthology, Still Dying 2. In that tome, she shows that she can work her zombies beyond Bob. Don't let her sweet looks fool you, this girl has come to eat brains. Best keep an arms length away as you ready our interview with Jamie Johnesee

Books, Beer and Blogshit:  Are you a survivor or one of the undead?

Jamie Johnesee:   I am one of the undead. Though I still get to keep my human personality so I won't be eating brains...much.

The Blogshit:   What is your latest work of zombie fiction with which we should be concerning ourselves?

Jamie Johnesee:  That'd be my Bob The Zombie series.

The Blogshit:   Do you feel you are a classic or progressive type of zombie fiction writer?

Jamie Johnesee:   Progressive. Bob is not your typical mindless chomp-monster.

The Blogshit:  What makes your zombies different from all others?

Jamie Johnesee:  They are raised from the dead and have their human soul, and personality, restored. Basically they're the same people they were before death, just rotting.

The Blogshit:  What makes your living different from all the others?

Jamie Johnesee:  For the most part they are unaware of the existence of supernatural creatures like zombies so when they see Bob they think he is just a huge zombie fan with a gift for special effects make-up.

The Blogshit:  Do you think it's important, in this climate, to run with the pack or really try to reinvent the wheel in zombie fiction?

Jamie Johnesee:  I think that a person should write what appeals to them. For me I wanted to do something different only because my character, Bob, is me. I wanted to make him more than just some dead guy intent on eating flesh. I wanted to make him real.

The Blogshit:  Zombie fiction seems heavily dependent upon working withing the construct of a series. Do you feel that is the way that makes it work best for you you or do you think there is still room for stand alone stories?

Jamie Johnesee:   I absolutely think there is room for stand alones. I write a series because, well, I use a lot of my real life to bring my zombie to life. It's cathartic for me.

The Blogshit:  Are you ever afraid of being pigeon-holed in this zombie fiction genre?

Jamie Johnesee:  I don't think Bob really can be pigeon-holed but if he is, so be it. I just hope people enjoy reading him.

The Blogshit:  For your next zombie story, stand alone or series, do you think you will need to go sicker or smarter to keep it going?

Jamie Johnesee:  No, I think I just need to stay true to Bob as a character.

The Blogshit:  On last year's tour, we asked about what to put on your zombie sandwich. This year, we want to know: What special ingredients would you use to pickle the pickles on your zombie sandwich?

Jamie Johnesee:  Morton Kosher salt, fresh dill, fresh dill weed, fresh dill seed, and a little bit of Tetrodotoxin to make for more compliant zombies.

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Still Dying 2 (along with the really great, Frank Edler (and others that are great but not nearly as great as Frank Edler)): http://www.amazon.com/Still-Dying-2-Days-ebook/dp/B00H4HHALO/

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