Monday, January 13, 2014

Authors Supporting Our Troops

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This time out on the BLOGshit we'd like to take a pause from the calamity to discuss a noteworthy and noble cause. Armand Rosamilia is spearheading an organized collection of books to send overseas to our troops stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan. This is not the usual book donation to the brave men and women protecting our national interests overseas either.

This is a call for authors to send in copies of their own books, personally signed as an extra special gift to the members of the United States military. If you are a writer or a reader you understand that having a book personally signed from the writer adds a special warm, fuzzy feeling to the book. It is a gift more intimate and treasured then most gifts you could possibly send. A great diversion for the men and women serving our country overseas while missing their own families back here at home.

If you are a writer and would like to donate a signed book or three to this VERY worthy cause you can join the event page on Facebook at: Authors Supporting Our Troops Facebook Event Page

Here are some of the event specifics:

I'll be collecting fellow author's books to send to our troops stationed in Kuwait in April. Interested in donating some of your books? The men and women of the Armed Forces love receiving signed books from authors to read and pass around while they're over there! If you're an author and want to help, join this page and then get in touch with Armand Rosamilia for the address to send your copies. Let's do something positive for someone else! And thanks to Joe McKinney for previously doing an event like this and giving me the idea!

Quite a few non-authors have asked how they can help... get in touch with me, I will gladly collect donations to offset the shipping costs from me as well as purchase more books from authors I know at cost so there will be more books in the boxes to ship.

At this time I am only interested in author-signed books to ship overseas. I think the troops will love the read and also knowing the actual author sent the books or the actual publisher. I'm not looking for your used books to donate or perishables or anything other than print books. This is not an eBook event, and not a forum for your political statements. It is simply to help those in the trenches who might want to read a book they can't get their hands on right now.

Fairly simple! The short and sweet of it: if you are interested in helping out in ANY way you can simply join the Authors Supporting Our Troops Event Page OR contact Armand Rosamilia directly via email at Let him know in what way you are looking to contribute and he will give you the mailing addresses necessary.

REMEMBER even if you are not a writer or don't have print books you can still help out by making monetary donations to help offset the shipping costs. Also many of the writers like Armand Rosamilia, Tim Baker and John Pascucci will additional copies of their books to send if you purchase one on their behalf. Again, any way you want to help (including spreading the word) is greatly appreciated.

As of right now there are over 200 books committed to this worthy cause!  

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  1. Great post! This is something that I hope others will get behind.