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Summer of Zombie Blog Tour - Julianne Snow

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We are one third of the way through our Summer of Zombie Blog Tour interviews. Since three times is a charm we figured we'd bring on a sparkling bauble of an author, Ms. Julianne Snow. That's right, this zombie fictions stuff isn't just for the fellas. Julianne Snow is showing the ladies can get it done with grit and gore as well. And maybe, just maybe be more bad ass then the boys in the process.

She's fairly new on the scene but she is one to keep an eye on. Let's tear into her brain and see what's inside. Good Readers, we present to you without any commercial interruption The Books, Beer and Blogshit interview with Julianne Snow.

The Blogshit:  Which of your books do we need to be talking about now and what is inside the pages to get excited about it?

Julianne Snow: You absolutely need to be talking about Days with the Undead: Book One. It’s the first in a series and it follows the journey of group of (semi)prepared individuals as they move away from the point of outbreak. There are tonnes of things inside the pages to get excited about. There are zombies, though admittedly they are never referred to as such; death; mayhem; perfectly flawed characters’ moments of hope’ moments of despair; and undead chipmunks. Yes, you heard me correctly. Undead chipmunks. I dare you to look at a chipmunk without shuddering after reading my book.

High Five, Bro!

The Blogshit: What is it about zombies that keep you writing in this genre?

Julianne Snow: I love the genre. I have since I was a young girl and caught a showing of Romero’s Night of the Living Dead at the age of six. Since that moment, I’ve sought out as much of the Zombie related media that I could – books, movies, video games. I consider all of it research because you never know when you’re going to need to think fast.
As for what keeps me writing in the genre – that’s simple. I have a number of stories in my head that need to be written down. I don’t choose them, they choose me. Could I set these tales against a less apocalyptic backdrop – more than likely, but it certainly wouldn’t be as much fun!

The Blogshit: With the saturation of zombie fiction in the current market, what do you do to keep your writing fresh and relevant?

Julianne Snow: I read a lot of Zombie fiction, but I know there’s no way I could read it all. That being said, my stories aren’t just about the zombie and the apocalypse. I write about flawed people and how they would react. I write about ordinary circumstances made extraordinary by the situations that unfold as they arise.

The Days with the Undead series is written as a first person narrative mainly comprised of journal entries. There is no dialogue and the format truly reads as a non-fictional account. I have received compliments and criticisms for the style I chose, but in the end it’s the way the story comes to me. I take you inside the main characters head and show you the world through her eyes. It’s intense and gritty and by the end, you’d swear you were there with her through it all.

The BlogshitWhat makes your zombies stand apart from all the others?

Julianne Snow: That’s an interesting question – my zombies don’t stand out when compared to others. They’re just zombies. But my story does stand out from others. It’s not told in the typical style. Days with the Undead gets into your head and messes with it. It’s super intense and delivers moments of epic savagery right alongside distraught hopefulness.

The BlogshitDo you write (or plan to write) outside the zombie genre?
Julianne Snow: I do write outside the genre and have had pieces of short fiction published in anthologies and online magazines. I also have plans for longer works too. Now to find the time to write them all…

The Blogshit: Do you think the mega hype around the movie adaptation of World War Z will have a positive or negative effect on the zombie fiction scene?

Julianne Snow: I believe the effect will be a positive one. I loved Brooks’ World War Z and I cannot wait to see it on the big screen. I’m very interested to see how they’re going to fill in the blanks that Brooks left and if they’ll leave it open for a sequel.

The BlogshitIs there a need for attrition in the zombie fiction market?

Julianne Snow: 
As long as there are readers hungry for the stories, I see no reason to limit what they have access to. There are a lot of talented writers creating within the genre and voracious readers will eventually weed out what they won’t give a second chance to without needing our help. That’s the beauty of the written word – we can write it, but we need the readers to read it.The BlogshitWhat do you see in the future of zombies, both on the page and off?

Julianne Snow:  I see dead people…
Fictional dead people. The genre is going to follow the typical cyclical trend of popularity to obscurity to popularity again. There will be the mainstays that never change and many of the addicts (myself included) will worship greats like Romero forever.
Oh and unfortunately, I see the Zombie Apocalypse as inevitable. One day, a few cells will align and the world will never be the same.
The BlogshitWe are building a menu for a fictional sandwich shop. Typically we ask what to put on the namesake of you sandwich. For the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour we are going to set aside a special menu sub-section so: What do we put on your zombiefied sandwich?
Julianne Snow: Brain, Lung and Tomato on toasted marble rye with a side of intestines covered in a head cheese and liver gravy. Mmmm delicious!

What a woman! We suggest you check in on Julianne's work and see what it's all about. We are sure you won't be disappointed. We've added a brief bio on Julianne and a set of links to various ways and means to get your eyes on her work:

It was while watching Romero's Night of the Living Dead at the tender age of 6 which solidified Julianne’s respect for the Undead. Since that day, she has been preparing herself for the (inevitable) Zombie Apocalypse. While classically trained in all of the ways to defend herself, she took up writing in order to process the desire she now covets; to bestow a second and final death upon the Undead. As the only girl growing up in a family with four children in the Canadian countryside, Julianne needed some form of escape. Her choice was the imaginations of others which only fostered the vibrancy of her own.

Days with the Undead: Book One is her first full-length book, the basis of which can be found in her popular web serial of the same name. Along with many zombie shorts published on her blog, she has a story in Women of the Living Dead as well as two zombie pieces; a standalone short and a collection releasing the summer of 2013. Julianne’s second novel in her Days with the Undead series will also be released in 2013. Stay tuned!

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @CdnZmbiRytr
Facebook: Julianne Snow
FB Fan Page: Days with the Undead
Goodreads: Julianne Snow
Amazon Author Page: Julianne Snow

Days with the Undead: Book One
It’s a journal of survival.

Five people set out to escape the Undead who have risen too close to home. Join the emotional and physical struggle as they began on the third day after the awakening of Brooks VanReit, as they are recorded from the point of view of Julie, a former pathologist and part-time survivalist.

Each entry is geared toward helping those who want to help themselves and maybe give a few that don’t a swift kick in the ass. Join our group of survivors on their journey through these Days with the Undead.

Links for Purchase:


  1. Thank you Mr.Frank and Mr. Jeff for hosting me :)

  2. First person is not easy to pull off, and most writers don't have to guts to try it. I write almost exclusively in person present and love it. It puts me in my stories. I am so glad you use first person in The Days With The Undead. You write first person exquisitely. It makes me sooo happy to know I'm not alone with this.

    Bravo on your tales, Julianne, and continue pushing the envelope!