Thursday, April 25, 2013

That New Blog Smell

You're reading Books, Beer and Blogshit!  It's the ONLY blog that's the official blog of the Books, Beer and Bullshit podcast.  Your going to find more book reviews, more interviews and more bullshit from Jeff and Frank.

Listen to the podcast at

 We've found ourselves backlogged with lots of great content that we just can't get all out on the podcast.  That's why we've created Books, Beer and Blogshit.  This is a chance for us to spotlight all the great things we would love to showcase for you but just can't due to time constraints. 

With that in mind, Constant Listeners, we hope this blog can be an integral part of the Books, Beer and Bullshit brand.  Let us know if your digging the stuff and don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions and content for the blog.  We are always happy to entertain those who wish to contribute.

Onward Constant Listeners!

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