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Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014: T.W. Piperbrook

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If you don't know the drill by now, there is no hope for you. Tis the season for the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour and this year is a veritable orgy of talent. Over 30 authors in all are participating this year and Books, Beer and Blogshit strives to be one of the go to destinations for the tour. Are we doing a good job this year?

Well screw you, too! Oh, wait.  You said you like our work so far? Awesome.

Check out T.W. Piperbrook. Here's a writer really trying to add a new twist while keeping it classic. Read the SoZBT2014 interview with Mr. Piperbrook. NOW!

Books, Beer and Blogshit:  Are you a survivor or one of the undead?

T.W. Piperbrook:  A survivor. I already have weapons picked out and an escape route planned.

The Blogshit:  What is your latest piece of zombie fiction we should be concerning ourselves with?

T.W. Piperbrook:  Contamination 5: Survival! If you haven’t read any of the series, you can get the Contamination Boxed Set (Books 0-3) on sale right now!

The Blogshit:  Do you feel you are a classic or progressive type of zombie fiction writer?
T.W. Piperbrook:  Progressive. I like my zombies fast and dangerous, and I do my best to bring a unique back-story and perspective to each story.

The Blogshit:  What makes your zombies different from all others?

T.W. Piperbrook:  My zombies spring from a man-made virus that contaminates the food and water supply. They start off semi-cognizant, and then slowly lose their abilities. They have a limited life span of a few weeks. I think this is pretty different from anything I’ve read!

The Blogshit:  What makes your living different from all the others?

T.W. Piperbrook:  Aside from one police officer, my heroes are all normal people with no survival training or combat skills. They learn as they go, and they are susceptible to the same dangers that most of us would be.

The Blogshit:  Do you think it's important, in this climate, to run with the pack or really try to reinvent the wheel in zombie fiction?

T.W. Piperbrook:  I think there’s plenty of room for anyone who can tell a well-written story in today’s climate. All authors bring their own unique perspectives and backgrounds to the zombie genre, which is part of what makes it so fun. At the same time, it helps to have a little twist!

The Blogshit:  Zombie fiction seems heavily dependent upon working within the construct of a series. Do you feel that is the way that makes it work best for you or do you think there is still room for stand alone stories?

T.W. Piperbrook:  I love working within a series. It allows me to switch perspectives, and then I can follow up on whichever characters I choose (major or minor) in later books. In a world overrun by the infected, there’s too much story to be told for one book!

The Blogshit:  Are you ever afraid of being pigeon-holed in this zombie fiction genre?

T.W. Piperbrook:  Not really. Zombie fans are an incredible and diverse bunch. At the same time, I plan on releasing things outside of the genre soon (I have a novella entitled OUTAGE that will be out in June. It may or may not have werewolves in it J.)

The Blogshit:  For your next zombie story, stand alone or series, do you think you will need to go sicker or smarter to keep it going? 

T.W. Piperbrook:  I like to blend both elements. My favorite stories are the ones that are character-driven, and I do my best to make my characters relatable. At the same time, I’m not afraid to throw some gore into the mix.

The Blogshit:  On last year's tour, we asked about what to put on your zombie sandwich. This year, we want to know: What special ingredients would you use to pickle the pickles on your zombie sandwich?

T.W. Piperbrook:   Fresh intestines with a side of eyeballs.

* * * * *

The stench of rotting flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014, with 33 of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of June.

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